Here's our trio of Asian Fusion dressings with delightful balance of Cambodian and American flavor.  

Comments from Channy...

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, I enjoyed having a bowl of salad by itself or with a meal. Many times during those early years, I imagined that my American friends would enjoy some of the traditional Cambodian flavors in their salad dressing. However, during those years in Lincoln, it would be impossible to make and share the uniques flavors that I used to have growing up in Cambodia. Thus, all I could do was day dreaming and drooling.


Salad Dressings


This is our most popular dressing with a trace of sweetness, sour and lots of lemongrass aroma. The sources of color for this dressing are kale, jalapeno and lemongrass. Perfect for a garden salad f you like lemongrass, you’ll love this dressing. 


Similar to traditional Cambodian tamarind dipping sauce, this dressing's savory flavor pairs well with grilled meat on top of your lettuce and a slice bread. The natural goodness from tamarind reveals itself in this special dressing; sour, sweet and deep rich caramel color. If you like tamarind you are guaranteed to love this dressing, it is also perfect as a marinade, cooking with seafood, or as a dipping sauce for your next spring rolls. 

Southeast Asian

With a familiar taste of Southeast Asian cooking, sweet and sour with a little kick of chili.  It's brilliant orange color shows the natural influence of red bell peppers. This dressing is well suited for seafood salad( tuna or shrimp with hard boiled eggs, cucumber and tomatoes). Try Southeast Asian salad dressing next time you feel like a vinaigrette dressing. 

Living in the the San Francisco area I now have the opportunity to make and share the asian fusion salad dressings that I have been dreaming about for years. I make all of the salad dressing with fresh produce and in small batches, so you could actually enjoy the aroma and taste of produce.  

- Channy, Apsara Foods